Just how to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme

With the increasing popularity of WordPress, a large number of amazing websites have now been designed and manufactured by WordPress theme designers/developers.

Fundamentally, there are two type of themes available in the market - the free WordPress themes against premium WordPress themes.

Whenever I start recommending people to make use of premium WordPress themes, they often ask me this question, "why use premium WordPress themesĀ wpnulled when I may use free WordPress themes?"

Actually, there has been much debate over free WordPress themes against premium WordPress themes

Well, all I can say is both are great to work well with, depending on what type of website you're intending to create.

In here, I'll discuss in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of using free WordPress themes against premium WordPress themes pros and cons

Features of free themes:

- It's free! There's totally no financial risk involved with using free themes. If you don't like theme A, you can just abandon it and try theme B!

- A sizable library to pick from. Do a simple search on "free themes", and you will discover yourselves overwhelmed with the tens and thousands of choices you're able to select from! With so many to pick from, there may bind to be the one which you will like!

Disadvantages of free themes:

Almost all free themes don't have the choice for you really to customize your website the manner in which you wanted. You must be a coding expert to be able to understand the WordPress coding and change the coding yourself.

- No updates at all. Do not expect your free theme to be suitable for the newest WordPress version. You will most likely face compatibility issues.

- Practically no help is available. The biggest problem with free themes is that if you will to face any issues, you won't manage to get any help from the developer.

- Quality varies. Although there are a few good quality free themes available on the market, there's also a couple of low quality free themes. Numerous free themes are developed rapidly without quality control, and therefore, don't have the features found in several premium WordPress themes.

- A couple of free themes make it mandatory for you yourself to keep carefully the developer's name in the footer. There are several other developers who encrypt the footer and promoting links which you just can't remove from your website. There have been numerous reports of some developers installing detrimental coding in free themes to spread viruses without you realizing it.

- Furthermore, a lot of the free themes is made for personal blogging purposes only. If you're a tiny online business owner and is looking to create a professional business website, then a premium theme will clearly be considered a better choice for you.

Premium WordPress Themes

Typically, the pricing of premium themes is in the number of $25 - $180, and they are manufactured by an extremely skilled team of website developers. A lot more than often, designing premium themes is their full fledged business. Keeping this at heart, no developers will jeopardize their reputation by developing a substandard product, putting their business at risk. Their goal would be to establish a pool of happy and loyal customers and they do this by developing great looking premium themes and helping people who have any problems they have.

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